Because It Matters!

Your online reputation influences prospective patients more than you may know. Surprisingly, in today’s technology driven world, online reviews hold as much sway as a personal referral 72% of the time.


Those 4 and 5 star ratings are important!

With our reputation management services we can help you:

  • Get instant feedback from your patients
  • Increase your number of 4 and 5 star ratings
  • Review feedback internally to monitor staff efficiency
  • Manage negative reviews before they go public

Our services can help you manage your online reviews with an internal feedback loop that can help you stay on top of reviews and if need be, address problems before they go public decreasing the likelihood that a dissatisfied patient goes public with a negative review.

Studies reveal that 7 out of 10 people who have had a negative experience with an organization say that they would extend a second chance if their concern is resolved quickly.

Your online reputation can influence prospective patients who are likely to check you out online before visiting your practice. Those who rely on online research by reading your reviews will read at least 10 reviews before deciding to extend their trust to you according to latest studies.

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