Uninsured Care

By Tarik Ait Maatallah, MBA, CMRM    Abstract According to most reports, millions of people in the United States of America have no insurance coverage. US Census (2017) reported the American Community Survey stating that as of 2016, there were 27.3 million people without health insurance coverage. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PACCA) […]

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Upcoding, Bad. Downcoding, Equally Bad.

Coding was not invented so providers get paid. Providers were always paid whenever they requested so from the time they took chicken and eggs for payment until cash has become the main form of payments. Coding was invented so complicated clinical terms, including those with multiple spellings, can be presented in a numeric (then alphanumeric) […]

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Practices Discharging Patients

Your practice, that is you and your staff, have better things to do than chase phantom patients, abusive patients, non-complaint patients, or free riders. It does not sound like a lot of fun, but it does not have to feel like a break up either. Analyze your patients’ behavior. Look at you volume to understand […]

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Cash Flow Executives